New project: Restaurant Alchemist 2.0


Chef Rasmus Munk has created a dining experience at Restaurant Alchemist that not only focuses on taste but also light, sound, fragrance, texture and aesthetics, giving the guests a complete sensory experience. Alchemist 2.0 has been described as "perhaps the world's most extravagant restaurant" by the British online newspaper The Independent. Anker & Co is truly proud to be a part of such a phenomenon and to have contributed with the lighting. 

Alchemist 2.0 is opened up in the old B&W halls on Refshale Island. The restaurant is almost 2,000 square meters and more than 25 times larger than the former Alchemist at Østerbro.

The restaurant has hired an artist, a scientist and a dramaturge to create a total experience where food, theater and art come together. Guests are served 50 'impressions' that Alchemist calls its dishes. Everything is thought of down to the smallest detail - from the temperature of the cutlery in relation to the temperature of the dish, to the light and sound according to the 'impression' you eat.

In close collaboration with builder and English architect Mike Duncalf of Duncalf Studio, Anker & Co has designed the lighting for Alchemist 2.0. Many of the lamps were specially developed for the project with the help of, among others, XAL, Catellani & Smith and Wever & Ducre.

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