New project: Private residence

Anker & Co has contributed with all the architectural interior and exterior lighting for this beautiful Danish ocean front house.

The client’s focus was on functionality and quality. Lighting should play a central role in the house. It should highlight the architecture, the choice of materials and the surfaces.

In collaboration with Architect Jørgen Juul, Anker & Co designed a customized lighting solution with architectural lighting that met the client's wishes. All fixtures are with KNX DALI and can be controlled individually, which makes it easy to adjust the light scenarios. By using CWD (Colour Warm Dimming), the client can dim and tune the colour of the light (2800K to 1800K) at the same time. As a result, a selection can be made between a balanced working light during the day, and a relaxing light mood in the evening. Last but not least, we chose luminaires with the CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of > 90 to ensure a pure colour rendering of the house’s artwork.

Architect: Jørgen Juul
Lighting design and supply: Anker & Co
XAL and Wever & Ducré
Photos: Kris Dekeijser