New project: Petersen Tegl


The renowned Danish brickwork manufacturer Petersen Tegl has just opened Petersen Studio at Amerika Plads in the progressive urban district of Nordhavn. Anker & Co is proud to have contributed with all the lighting.

Petersen Tegl wanted a studio that could work as both showroom, office and book shop without any architectural compromises.

In collaboration with architects Peter Zinck and Annette Petersen, Anker & Co customized a lighting solution with a high focus on the quality of CRI (Colour Rendering Index) due to the tactile surfaces and diversity of Petersen Tegl’s products. All fixtures are with DALI and can be addressed and controlled individually which gives maximum flexibility and makes it easy to adjust the light scenarios. Architects: Peter Zinck and Annette Petersen

Architects: Peter Zinck and Annette Petersen
Lighting design and supply: Anker & Co
XAL and Bomma
Photos: Kris Dekeijser