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Wever & Ducré

Wever & Ducré stands for trendy LED luminaires with an appealing design and high-quality material. Wever & Ducré was established in 1983 by a group of Belgian entrepreneurs. As Belgium is multilingual, there was extensive speculation about what to name the company. The name “Wever & Ducré” encapsulates parts of Flemish words that reflect the company’s core values: work ethic, confidence, enthusiasm, courage and creativity.

Driven by these core values, Wever & Ducré develops lighting that provides ambiance and serenity to a room.

The Wever & Ducré product range includes a rich variety of architectural lighting for shops, showrooms and restaurants. However, the product range also extends to decorative lighting for your home.

Wever & Ducré is always looking for the optimal balance between aesthetic lighting, technical perfection and user-friendly assembly. It only uses the best materials and thus provides high quality and sustainable products.

Anker & Co is distributor of Wever & Ducré in Denmark. Contact us for further information.