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Tekna is a renowned designer and light fixtures production house. They work hard to deliver timeless lighting designs every day. Thanks to the unique combination of high-quality materials and a high level of finish, their design lighting goes beyond national borders and they are putting the brand on the world map stronger, every day. 

At Tekna, a luminaire must first be completely correct at the production and aesthetic level before they even begin to start looking at functionality. They carefully consider the overall picture.

Tekna consciously choose to work with valuable brass, a very rewarding and fine material that forms the basis of their excellent, authentic products. To convert design into reality, Tekna rely on professionals who apply the greatest care and finesse in their work. They are always investigating methods for streamlining, improving, and increasing user-friendliness, etc.

Anker & Co is distributor of Tekna in Scandinavia and Iceland. Contact us for further information and dealer list.