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Catellani & Smith

“... My laboratory is a workshop, a place where I continually accumulate materials, parts and objects of different kinds; this is where it all begins... I assemble, weld, bend, shape... I need to feel the materials, to see how they interact with light”
- Enzo Catellani

Catellani & Smith reflects the artistic personality of its founder, Enzo Catellani, carrying out, for thirty years, work that is in continuous evolution, halfway between art and craft. Enzo Catellani’s lighting creations are objects with a soul, which reveal the importance and unique qualities of a product made ‘by hand’.

The distinctive and personal approach to design, together with advanced research in the field of technology, make Catellani & Smith a leading company in the lighting sector. The company’s premises are situated in an old restored mill with views over the hills, just a few kilometres from Bergamo.

Anker & Co is distributor of Catellani & Smith in Scandinavia and Iceland. Contact us for further information and dealer list.