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Castaldi Lighting was founded in 2011. The company has successfully acquired a prominent position respectively in the outdoor and indoor segments, with a particular focus on office buildings, retailing, public areas etc.

Castaldi products are the result of the continous commitment towards research and development, lighting design, quality assurance and control over production processes to accomplish also the most challenging requirements of "custom made" productions. The company’s production is made in Italy, in its facilities located north of Milano. 

Thanks to its fully integrated production system and the in-house, product control and testing laboratories, Castaldi Lighting achieves the highest quality and performance standards.

The ceaseless attention to design is an unfailing strength of Castaldi Lighting products. Top designers like Piero Castiglioni, Claudio Bellini, Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Peluffo and Habits worked with the company for many years. 

Anker & Co is distributor of Castaldi in Denmark. Contact us for further information.