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Barovier & Toso

The unrivalled style of these chandeliers and lights continue to set the standards for quality and appearence as it has for hundreds of years. Barovier & Toso can trace their beginnings back over 700 years; they were established in 1295 and have become one of the oldest family businesses in the world. The company is a producer of Venetian glass and chandeliers, and is based in Murano, Italy. 

Their list of references and awards is unsurpassed and over the centuries several of the family have been honoured with the title Cavaliere del Lavoro by the Italian Government. The quality of their glass artistry, whether in the area of decorative pieces or stunning chandeliers and lights, is second to none. 

Anker & Co is representing Barovier & Toso in Scandinavia and Iceland. Contact us for further information.