Anker & Co presents a private residence

In the seventh chapter of our film series “We Do Lighting” Architect Jørgen Juul takes us through a beautiful Danish ocean front house. The architectural lighting plays a central role in the house. It highlights the architecture, the choice of materials and the surfaces.

Architect: Jørgen Juul
Lighting design and supply: Anker & Co
XAL and Wever & Ducré
Film production: mellowcph

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Save the date: 3daysofdesign 3rd-5th of September 2020

Denmark’s annual design festival in Copenhagen '3daysofdesign' will this year take place from the 3rd-5th of September 2020. During the festival Anker & Co will present all the amazing news from our brands – news from eg. Wästberg designed by Ilse Crawford and David Chipperfield and the Michael Anastassiades' collection. We are currently working on arranging talks with Ilse Crawford and Michael Anastassiades in our showroom. Site visits to some of our newest and most popular lighting projects are also being arranged. We will have early bird presentations of new lighting products never shown before and brunch every day during the festival.

More information about the events at Anker & Co will follow soon. Save the date and stay tuned... 


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